Audrey Hepburn's UNICEF Work.
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Here I tried to represent how strong Audrey's love to children and to people in general was and how it was
reflected in her UNICEF work.

The pictures on this page link to different sites related either to Audrey Hepburn or to UNICEF.

"People loved her for the right reasons, and she was
deserving of that love."

Sean Ferrer for his mother's TV biography from

  Short Audrey Hepburn UNICEF work description.
In 1987 Audrey was officially appointed as the goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, an organisation she'd previously helped with fundraising events.She
served for the fund from actually 1988 till her death in 1993. In her new UNICEF role, Audrey visited some of the worst affected places in the world, such as Somalia, Sudan, Viethnam, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and others. She started hosting the Danny Kaye International Children's Special in Holland which brought in enormous donations. In process Audrey Hepburn became the most active UNICEF ambassador.

Audrey Hepburn (links to "Audrey Hepburn Children's Fund" homepage)
What is UNICEF? 
UNICEF was created at the end of World War II to relieve the suffering of children in war torn Europe and it continues today to respond rapidly in crises, helping recreate a sense of stability and normalcy, reopening schools and establishing safe spaces for children when armed conflict and war, flood and other disruptions occur.For more than 53 years UNICEF has been helping governments, communities and families make the world a better place for children. Part of the United Nations system, UNICEF has an enviable mandate and mission, to advocate for children's rights and help meet their needs.In so many other ways -- supporting National Immunization Days in the global effort to eradicate polio, encouraging young people to prepare for and participate in issues affecting them or helping them resist the onslaught of HIV/AIDS -- UNICEF is on the ground and at the fore, bringing ideas, resources, strategies and support to bear when and where they are needed most.


Audrey Hepburn (links to UNICEF homepage)
  Audrey about UNICEF.

"During the past years I have traveled the world and seen these children, so many of them, leading lives of tremendous pain. And yet, they retain their sweetness and their patience; their eyes reflect a deeper understanding, an awareness that this is not as it should be. They deserve better - a life of security and opportunity and freedom and peace of mind. Most of them have never experienced such a life, but they sense its absence. The eyes say it all... And ironically, as we move into another century, perhaps that is what ultimately unites us as a world: the fact that, no matter how prosperous a nation, how developed, all share the plight and embarrassment of having so many suffering children. We are united by our neglect, our abuse, our absence of love. Have we forgotten about the children, and thus forsaken the next generation?"

The text has originally been taken from the introduction to "Betrayal: A Report on Violence Towards Children in Today's World".

Audrey Hepburn
(links to the UNICEF page of a great Audrey Hepburn
site "L'ange des Enfants".There're some great videos on the page I suggest you to pay attention to.)

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